Wednesday, 26 November 2008


I haven't blogged anything for a very long time! I have been so busy getting ready for Christmas, and the craft fayre. But before I take it all over there I will take some photos for you all to see. I cant believe people actually read my blog!!! Well I better away now things to, and keeping hopping back for some pics really soon!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

New Things

Sorry I haven't updated this for ages-well nearly 2 months, time does seems to flyby! Haven't made a great deal of jewellery lately, although I feel the urgh to buy some new beads, and I have some new ideas-so watch this space!
I have been busy making cards though. Some birthday and Christmas. If you would like to see some more keep an eye on my website as some will soon be uploaded, failing that don't hesitate to get hold of me!! Hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I enjoyed making them.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Raise money for Cancer charities-go on girls!

Well, my friend Kerrie Slade has been very busy creating these lovely pin broaches to raise awareness for womens cancers-pink for breast cancer and teal for gynaecological cancers. You can purchase the pattern to make these from Beading Daily, all the money goes to chariety, and only costs 1.50, not only that you can enter a competition about how beads have helped you and win your own-so you go out and remind the women of this to take care of their bodies-check their breasts often and once ina while ask the doc for a quick MOT to check for ovarian cancer, and to remember to go for your smear tests!! Go get yourself a pattern and make some money for chariety-and support Kerrie. I'm sure Kerrie won't mind me using her pictures-copyright Kerrie Slade.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Over The Moon!!

Yes I really am over the moon, I knew I was in the latest issue of Bead magazine-but now I've just found out my project is on the front cover-oh woooooooowwoowoo! (oh it's the little earrings in the top right corner!

Saturday, 26 April 2008

See I didn't forget!

No I didn't forget that I should be blogging more often!
Unfortunately no yummy pictures of Fethiye to show you, but it does give me another excuse to go off to the harbour, and grab another ice cream whilst I take some photo's-I'm sure my daughter would be very happy to hear that!!
I made a few bits and pieces this week, I am pleased with this braclet, it's the first time I have used accuflex, and I have to say it crimps wonderfully-and I love all the great colours you can get. I so enjoy finding new things in the beading world. I've also started using silver plated beads and crimp covers, and I am equally as pleased-unfortunately yet anothe thing to add to the beading lists when I go shopping!!
Here's the picture of my new bracelet-I've decided to keep this one too (however I have made another to sell!)! I used David Christian's handmade cane beads-I've fallen in love with those too!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Going seed bead mad!

Well it hasn't been all that long, since my last post, so I take my hat off to myself! I am determined to try harder with this whole blogging thing!!! I am feeling very excited today, becuase my big parcel of beadies from the states should arrive at kargo today, and seeing as I only live 5 minutes away, I think I shall go and collect! Can't wait to get stuck in and use some new beads I got from Julie Fountain the other day. Small things make us beaders so happy!!

Hopefully soon, I shall take some photo's of Fethiye, and my hubbie's shop for you to see, Fethiye is so beautiful, and the weather is apsolutely fab at the mo!

But for today, here's one necklace I am so pleased with....I think I shall name it spring lasso (name help from the Uk beaders!)


I don't normally like big jewellery for myself, but I came to the conclusion that I am a jewellery designer, and I really should make an effort to wear a bit bolder necklaces etc, so I decided to keep this one for myself. I wear it most days and have fallen in love with it. However, I felt so guilt about this I made a mini version, and bracelet to sell.


I used various Swarovski crystals, dunk beads, dyed pearls, seedies, czech beads, and some blobby lampwork beads, which I bought on a trip to Marmaris.
Well I better away now, I have just finished a brown necklace in a similar style, so I will show you soon and get some great pictures of Fethiye for you!

Monday, 7 April 2008

What a long time!

I haven't written anything for such a long time-apolgises! I have no excuse either!

The weather has been very up and downy lately, what sunny day we have are really quite warm now, although in between we are get bursts of April Showers! It's not just a case of raining cats and dogs, and should think it was raining cats, dogs, snakes, hamsters and guinea pigs. That could be why I haven't posted much lately-busy with our new addition, a little guinea pig I have named Dimple. He is very cute, he was left at a pet shop bt another family, so already pretty tame, and he is getting even better, I can take him out the cage without him running away now-which I think is excellent. Anyway enough of that....what have I been making, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, featuring fab lampwork beads by Tan- tanofcourse, Julie- lush lampwork and Anna -Beads on Toast . All have Swarovski, and some have dyed pearls-umm yummy!

Monday, 11 February 2008

My Latest Creations

Thought it was time I shared with you all again-I've been busy playing with beads, thinking about dogs, and relaxing in between.

Here's some of the new things I made recently. The black focal is by tan, from tanofcourse, and the pink focal was made by Julie at lushlampwork. Check out their web sites they are selling and making some great stuff!

Friday, 18 January 2008

New Eye Candy

Can't stop long, just some new beads to show you, all handmade by me, and available on my website now. Mermaid, Autumn, Magic and Pretty.

Monday, 14 January 2008

New Necklaces

I feel like I have been so busy lately, making some jewellery and lots of polymer clay beads. I hope to show you the polymer clay beads soon, I've been very busy tonight buffing them with my rotary tool. Here are my latest two. The green one is called Medetarrian, and it made with another Tania Gry Focal and lots of Swarovski Crystals, in various shades, Ernite, Emerald Indicote to name a few. I decided to finish this piece with silver plated chain. The second is called Sweet delight. The lampwork has been designed by Julie and I added lots of Swarovski crystal to this too, I love Swarovski Crystal!! I used some purple cord to complete this. Well I better away, I really feel like starting another necklace now I have all this new found energy and inspiration. Thanks for reading, and keep watching this space.

Friday, 4 January 2008


Sorry I never did show you the photo's of some of the beads I have been making. These aren't the first ever beads I made, but these are my attempts after a couple of weeks. And here's me!! Not a proper studio set up, but it's all in my mind to set up at the beginning of Spring, prehaps April or May. I'm going to get my Dad to make an overhead ventilation set up for me (although not asked yet!!), and we are going to move around the furniture in the computer room to accomadate my torch. My jewellery making desk is plenty big enough to be multi purpose, so it should work out great I hope!! Hope you have enjoyed seeing these pictures.

At Last!

It has been so busy lately what with Christmas, and New Year, and now all of a sudden it has all ended with a great big bump! I am feeling quite bored at the mo, my hubbie offered to take me away on holiday- but it's too expensive, especially after Christmas. So I have busied myself dreaming about getting my kiln so I can anneal my glass beads, and making jewellery yet again-it's so great to have the bug back again, I go to bed dreaming about the next necklace or bracelet I am going to make, and I often do dream about beads, once I dreamt I was at a bead show, and it was so fab, and I bought some lovely beads-unfortunately I didn't have them when I woke up, I was quite disappointed when I realised it was just a dream. I finished this necklace last night, which I have named Midnight, and a week or so a go I finished these cute earring when I have a named Rose Garden, or prehaps even a Cornish Rose Garden, seeing the lampwork beads were made by my cornish friend Tan, at Midnight boasts a lot of beautiful Swarovski Crystals and a lovely Tigers eye pendant. The silver swirled beads are handmade by me, and I think they add a nice touch. What shall I get up to next prehaps a bracelet to match the earrings, and then maybe some more polymer clay beads. I need to get selling, as I am saving up for my kiln!! Thanks for reading again.