Sunday, 26 August 2007

I've tagged you!!

Just a list of the people I have tagged, here goes:
1. Lucinda from Minera Jewels
2. Maz from Amarigems
3. Cindy from Jewellery tales
4. Claire from all about jewellery making
5. Kelly from Kebo Jewellery
6. Free Bird Sings.

Look forward to reading six weird things about you. Don't forget to tag six other people!!!

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Oh my Gosh! Tagged!!

Just looked on my friend Jo's blog and found out I have been tagged to tell you six weird things about me!!

1. I feel like I never got any older than 18, and have been told often that I only look this age too-prehaps the power of the mind keeps me looking young!!!

2. I have my very own dictionary, my Mum and Dad both say to me, thats not a word, thats just another one to add to the Tammy dictionary!!! Only problem is my Turkish husband has learnt a lot of English words from me, wonder what english people think when they talk to him-sometimes I have to translate what they've said back in our own little languagage!!!

3. I am a Doctor Who fan on the quiet, one of my favourite Dr's is Patrick Troughton, who was the second doctor, and one of my favourite videos is Tomb of the Cyberman-in Black and white, as it is so old. (Actually in the video there is alot of snow, and the first time I watched it my Mum went out , when she came back she was covered in snow, it had snowing outside I hadn't even noticed, my Mum told me never to watch that snowy video while she was out again!!!)

4. When I sleep I often dream that I am at bead show's!!! Or I am back working nights again in the hospital!!!

5. My hair changes colour!! In the summer it's goes quiet blonde-natural highlights, people use to ask me if I had my hair dyed, when I said no, they said I was lying!!!

6. I could eat watermelon and ice cream morning, noon and night!!!!

Well I've done my best, and I shall be tagging soon!!!

Ruburb & Custard Bracelet

Hello All, here is my latest offering, it's called Ruburb and Custard because of the pink and yellow mix. I used Rose, light Rose, Chalk White, Citrine Swaroski Crystals, glass pearl effect beads, seed beads, and two yellow glass foil beads. Oh yes, and don't forget those pink glass flowers too. I am really pleased with how it turned out, and I don't normally feel this happy with anything I make. Thanks for looking

Haven't been up to a lot lately, went to visit my hubie's cousin today but unfortunately she was out, oh and two days ago I bumped the car, I felt like a fool. Someone parked at the traffice light-I beeped for them to move, only to discover there are no one in the drivers seat-just a passenger. I moved the car round and banged into the the side of a van!!! Myself and daughter were fine, as I was barely moving, but the poor car, and it's looking better now. I really didn't know what to do or say, everyone talking turkish around me, I notice by the time I got out of the car the parked car had sped off!!!! Really made me feel very nervous, and I went crying off to hubbie's shoulder!! I thought too my head had been all over the place lately.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Shell Earrings

I made these earrings a while back, but thought I would show you all, as I do like them. I have busy doing a comission but unfortunately forgot to take a photo of it!!!! It is now waiting for the lady to go and collect. She liked one of the necklaces I had made, but it needed to be longer, and have lots of purple stones. I made her some earrings too, as a small present, so hope she likes the jewellery. I made a pink and yellow bracelet, the other night, so hopefully I will take a picture tomorrow and show you all.

You wouldn't believe how hot it has been here the past two days, we have had another burst of asian wind!! This evening the breeze feels normal again, hope it will be nicer tomorrow.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Swirling Beads!!

I've been busy yet again, swirling beads, I really must try something new now!!! These beads were made from swirling lentils, but I added pieces of cane this time, so they look different and I do like the effect this gives. I love the pastel shades, and decided to leave these beads matt, rather than adding varnish.

Decided I am going to give the beads a little rest, and start on a bit more jewellery again tonight, so watch this space. It is still so hot here!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

My Mermaids!

It's just so hot here today, difficult to do anyhting really-even beading!!!!! The littleist job makes you break out into a pool!!! A pool thats what I need. Think I shall go be lazy for an hour after this, and prehaps grab 20 winks, after which I am making Cornish Pasty's yum yum, yes I have bought Cornwall to Turkey in my own little way!!!

Here is my latest necklace, using my own polymer clay mermaid. I made wire swirls from a pattern on the wig jig website (fab website by the way hugh!!), I made some twist and curl beads (also details for this are on the wig jig website too, and did some chain maillie to complete this. I enjoyed making this necklace, becuase there are so many different elements to it. I am sending it away for a turkish jewellery making competition. I have sent several things, and had my pieces shown in their magazine, but no prizes. But it doesn't matter, they send me a copy of the magazine later, and if you work gets printed thats great too.

The second photo is a mermaid pendant I made, the mermaid is sitting on a rock looking at the moon and stars. Well I have to go now before I faint, even typing is hard work. Have a great weekend all.

Friday, 17 August 2007

My new Polymer Beads page is Open!

Well, I've finally managed to finish my polymer clay bead page, I finally found that hyperlink button!!! Sorry I was a day late opening!!! At the moment I have only one set uploaded to the web, but I have some beads here waiting to go into the oven, and hope to make some more tonight, so watch this space!!!

I've been busy today, spent the day with my hubbie's cousin, helping to take care of her new baby, she is now 33 days old, but she cries quite a lot, it's unbelievable the different ideas they have in Turkey about babies, and how you should look after them, when I had my daughter, I was toren between what they were saying and what I knew from England!! Here's a photo of the baby, she's so cute isn't she!!! Had a lovely day!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Something Different

I have lots of trouble getting one of my posts to show, if anymore could let me know if they can see the post that is titled 'Polymer Clay Beads for Sale soon' I would be most appreciated! Also I put lots of new contacts on my website part as well and they don't appear to be showing either, I'm sure I'm doing something silly, anyway as a test I thought I would show you a wedding photo from 5 years ago, seems a long time now!!! This is a Turkish wedding! Look at the cake, it was 8 tiers!!!! OK, I see it now my blog is working!! Yippee!!! Hope you like the wedding photo's, brings a flutter back to my heart to remember the first days I met my hubbie, that first love is great isn't it! I love you my Hubbie!! I love you so much.x

Polymer Clay Beads for Sale Soon!

I have been busy working on my website lately, I am hoping to add a tiara page in the not too distant future, and my polymer clay bead page is nearly ready, prehaps I will upload it tonight or tomorrow. I don't have alot on my new polymer clay bead page yet, but I have lots of ideas I hope to get working on very very soon!!! Here are some new beads called Fairy Secrets. They are so shiney, I don't really want to sale them, as I love them so much, but if I don't I shall turn them into some jewellery!!!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

A post today-my new camera!!

I forgot to say in my previous post that I now have a new camera, a Canon powersot, and it's great, I am so pleased with the quality of photo's it is producing, it has a wonderful super macro setting too. All I need now is too sit down and make a lighting tent with my Dad, and hopefully that will improve them further. Here are some more photo's of the lentil beads I made, this have been buffed and sanded but not yet varnished, I believe the varnish really brings out the twinkle in the so well.

Well, here I am again. Yet another bracelet using my own polymer clay beads-I really enjoy making swirled lentil beads, they are such great fun, and the colour combinations are endless!! This bracelet is called Sweetie because it remins me of lovely yummy sweets I use to eat when I was a child. I enjoyed making this bracelet, I used Violet, Violet Opal, and Rose AB Swarovski crystals, Czech crystal, and a few seed beads. The other photo shows one of the clay beads I made. I haven't thought of a name for these yet.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

A new bracelet!

Today I finished a bracelet using my swirled lentil beads-I decided to varnish them, and it really bought out the glitter beautifully. I made this bracelet with various Swarovski crystals-Pacfic Opal-Fushia etc, and purple Czech crystals. I also added a few shells bits too and some seed beads. I am pleased with the finished result, although the photo doesn't show the true colours.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

My First Polymer Clay Beads

Well, here they are my first ever polymer clay beads. The photo's do them no justice at all!! They aren't really wonderful but look a lot better than the photo's say!!! I have called the bigger beads sherbert swirls, they are relly glittery, and the others I don't have a name for yet, but they are swirled lentil beads, I will work on getting a better image, and add this later!!!! I made the Sherbert swirls using the Mokeme Gome technique, the colours turned out lovely, and although it looks like there is red inside, it is actaully more of a dark pink colour. The most important thing is though I enjoyed making them and I feeli like a learnt something too-a step in the right direction I hope!!!