Saturday, 29 December 2007

Christmas is Over!

I really can't believe how quick time flies, it's been a month since I blogged anything!! What with Christmas and feeling poorly, time has gone very quickly and I have had to make lists of things to things to do, I had a craft market at the beginning of the month, so everything else went on hold for a week a two whilst I prepared. And then I had some Christmas pressies to make. I did a little lampworking, although not a great deal, I still enjoy it so much, can't wait to get my kilin in the future. After that, all I seemed to manage to do in the evenings was sleep more and more and more, I was normally in bed by 9, and that was early even for me! Tonight I finished a pair of earrings ready for the summer, which I am so pleased with, I shall show you guys a photo soon. They also look very summery too, so hopefully they will encourage the lovely warm sunrays to come back really soon. I hope to make a matching bracelet very soon.
We had a lovely Christmas, my daughter understands more now, and keeps saying Merry Christmas and Father Christmas, and she learnt to sing Jingle Bells too-it's so cute! We've been very lucky, lots of people have bought mince pies or sent them to us, and I managed to buy some Christmas pudding at the Christmas Market I went to, it was very scrummy and such a treat! Well keep watching this space and I shall add lots of pic's of my jewellery very soon. Take Care all, and have a happy new year.