Thursday, 26 July 2007

It's Arrived!

Well, after waiting a couple of weeks, my Polymer book by Carol Blackburn has arrived-yippee!!! I have had a quick scan and read, and I feel quite scaried about starting to make these beads!! Daft isn't it, I think, to be honest I have a fear of failure. But I must start out on this venture open minded and positive, I know I have to be patient, not rush and not expect miracles over night! Hum thats good, and now I've written it in my blog I can read it always!! My stuff also arrived from Emma Ralph. The glitters are wonderful, love those colours, and foils too, can't wait to try them, and everything was so well packed and the shipping cost was great, really really pleased, and only 8 days to Turkey amazing!! If you haven't seen Emma's web site there are some great pieces over there, she is a fab bead artist.

Thought I would show you these, I bought a Paua shell from my uncle, and used my new rotary tool to cut out the shapes I needed, I still have loads of shell left, and I love it that I can chose what shapes I want. I used Silver plated ear wires, and Swarovski Crystals to finish this piece.

Thanks to all of you who helped me sort out my blog adding problems!!

Monday, 23 July 2007

Trying Hard!!

I seem to have gone completely blank lately, I am trying hard to join a blogroll, but don't seem to be getting anywhere!!! Have no idea where to start really!!! Lets hope my friends from the jewellery making forum let me into there little secret soon!!!

I haven't written anything for ages, but just been so busy to do this and that. Went to England with my daughter, and parents in May-and it just rained and rained!!!! It was nice though, my gran parents got to meet there great grand daughter for the first time, and I got to visit the new beads shops in Cornwall-what a treat, I even bought a copy of Bead magazine, and throughly enjoyed it becuase I have only ever been able to enjoy the pictures in the Turkish magazines!!!

I have made some more jewellery, one of which I called the Blue Lagoon, inspired by the Blue Lagoon in Ouldeniz. I am quite pleased with this.
My new venture is to start making my own polymer clay beads, I was thinking about making my own glass beads, but it just wouldn't be practical here in Turkey-I would have to buy everthing off the internet, and if I really got into it and could never afford to up grade to all the proper equipment and kilins. So I decided this would be the next best thing. I've bought some Fimo, got my pasta machine today, and now I am waiting for my book and other bits to arrive from England, the book should be anyday now, and I can't wait!!! Hope to show you all some new beads in the future.