Friday, 22 August 2008

Raise money for Cancer charities-go on girls!

Well, my friend Kerrie Slade has been very busy creating these lovely pin broaches to raise awareness for womens cancers-pink for breast cancer and teal for gynaecological cancers. You can purchase the pattern to make these from Beading Daily, all the money goes to chariety, and only costs 1.50, not only that you can enter a competition about how beads have helped you and win your own-so you go out and remind the women of this to take care of their bodies-check their breasts often and once ina while ask the doc for a quick MOT to check for ovarian cancer, and to remember to go for your smear tests!! Go get yourself a pattern and make some money for chariety-and support Kerrie. I'm sure Kerrie won't mind me using her pictures-copyright Kerrie Slade.