Friday, 18 January 2008

New Eye Candy

Can't stop long, just some new beads to show you, all handmade by me, and available on my website now. Mermaid, Autumn, Magic and Pretty.

Monday, 14 January 2008

New Necklaces

I feel like I have been so busy lately, making some jewellery and lots of polymer clay beads. I hope to show you the polymer clay beads soon, I've been very busy tonight buffing them with my rotary tool. Here are my latest two. The green one is called Medetarrian, and it made with another Tania Gry Focal and lots of Swarovski Crystals, in various shades, Ernite, Emerald Indicote to name a few. I decided to finish this piece with silver plated chain. The second is called Sweet delight. The lampwork has been designed by Julie and I added lots of Swarovski crystal to this too, I love Swarovski Crystal!! I used some purple cord to complete this. Well I better away, I really feel like starting another necklace now I have all this new found energy and inspiration. Thanks for reading, and keep watching this space.

Friday, 4 January 2008


Sorry I never did show you the photo's of some of the beads I have been making. These aren't the first ever beads I made, but these are my attempts after a couple of weeks. And here's me!! Not a proper studio set up, but it's all in my mind to set up at the beginning of Spring, prehaps April or May. I'm going to get my Dad to make an overhead ventilation set up for me (although not asked yet!!), and we are going to move around the furniture in the computer room to accomadate my torch. My jewellery making desk is plenty big enough to be multi purpose, so it should work out great I hope!! Hope you have enjoyed seeing these pictures.

At Last!

It has been so busy lately what with Christmas, and New Year, and now all of a sudden it has all ended with a great big bump! I am feeling quite bored at the mo, my hubbie offered to take me away on holiday- but it's too expensive, especially after Christmas. So I have busied myself dreaming about getting my kiln so I can anneal my glass beads, and making jewellery yet again-it's so great to have the bug back again, I go to bed dreaming about the next necklace or bracelet I am going to make, and I often do dream about beads, once I dreamt I was at a bead show, and it was so fab, and I bought some lovely beads-unfortunately I didn't have them when I woke up, I was quite disappointed when I realised it was just a dream. I finished this necklace last night, which I have named Midnight, and a week or so a go I finished these cute earring when I have a named Rose Garden, or prehaps even a Cornish Rose Garden, seeing the lampwork beads were made by my cornish friend Tan, at Midnight boasts a lot of beautiful Swarovski Crystals and a lovely Tigers eye pendant. The silver swirled beads are handmade by me, and I think they add a nice touch. What shall I get up to next prehaps a bracelet to match the earrings, and then maybe some more polymer clay beads. I need to get selling, as I am saving up for my kiln!! Thanks for reading again.