Friday, 4 January 2008

At Last!

It has been so busy lately what with Christmas, and New Year, and now all of a sudden it has all ended with a great big bump! I am feeling quite bored at the mo, my hubbie offered to take me away on holiday- but it's too expensive, especially after Christmas. So I have busied myself dreaming about getting my kiln so I can anneal my glass beads, and making jewellery yet again-it's so great to have the bug back again, I go to bed dreaming about the next necklace or bracelet I am going to make, and I often do dream about beads, once I dreamt I was at a bead show, and it was so fab, and I bought some lovely beads-unfortunately I didn't have them when I woke up, I was quite disappointed when I realised it was just a dream. I finished this necklace last night, which I have named Midnight, and a week or so a go I finished these cute earring when I have a named Rose Garden, or prehaps even a Cornish Rose Garden, seeing the lampwork beads were made by my cornish friend Tan, at Midnight boasts a lot of beautiful Swarovski Crystals and a lovely Tigers eye pendant. The silver swirled beads are handmade by me, and I think they add a nice touch. What shall I get up to next prehaps a bracelet to match the earrings, and then maybe some more polymer clay beads. I need to get selling, as I am saving up for my kiln!! Thanks for reading again.

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