Saturday, 26 April 2008

See I didn't forget!

No I didn't forget that I should be blogging more often!
Unfortunately no yummy pictures of Fethiye to show you, but it does give me another excuse to go off to the harbour, and grab another ice cream whilst I take some photo's-I'm sure my daughter would be very happy to hear that!!
I made a few bits and pieces this week, I am pleased with this braclet, it's the first time I have used accuflex, and I have to say it crimps wonderfully-and I love all the great colours you can get. I so enjoy finding new things in the beading world. I've also started using silver plated beads and crimp covers, and I am equally as pleased-unfortunately yet anothe thing to add to the beading lists when I go shopping!!
Here's the picture of my new bracelet-I've decided to keep this one too (however I have made another to sell!)! I used David Christian's handmade cane beads-I've fallen in love with those too!


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