Saturday, 18 August 2007

My Mermaids!

It's just so hot here today, difficult to do anyhting really-even beading!!!!! The littleist job makes you break out into a pool!!! A pool thats what I need. Think I shall go be lazy for an hour after this, and prehaps grab 20 winks, after which I am making Cornish Pasty's yum yum, yes I have bought Cornwall to Turkey in my own little way!!!

Here is my latest necklace, using my own polymer clay mermaid. I made wire swirls from a pattern on the wig jig website (fab website by the way hugh!!), I made some twist and curl beads (also details for this are on the wig jig website too, and did some chain maillie to complete this. I enjoyed making this necklace, becuase there are so many different elements to it. I am sending it away for a turkish jewellery making competition. I have sent several things, and had my pieces shown in their magazine, but no prizes. But it doesn't matter, they send me a copy of the magazine later, and if you work gets printed thats great too.

The second photo is a mermaid pendant I made, the mermaid is sitting on a rock looking at the moon and stars. Well I have to go now before I faint, even typing is hard work. Have a great weekend all.

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Gemheaven said...

Lovely Mermaids Tam and glad to hear you've taken some of Cornwall with you!!

Can you send some heat this way now - its like Autum :(