Saturday, 25 August 2007

Oh my Gosh! Tagged!!

Just looked on my friend Jo's blog and found out I have been tagged to tell you six weird things about me!!

1. I feel like I never got any older than 18, and have been told often that I only look this age too-prehaps the power of the mind keeps me looking young!!!

2. I have my very own dictionary, my Mum and Dad both say to me, thats not a word, thats just another one to add to the Tammy dictionary!!! Only problem is my Turkish husband has learnt a lot of English words from me, wonder what english people think when they talk to him-sometimes I have to translate what they've said back in our own little languagage!!!

3. I am a Doctor Who fan on the quiet, one of my favourite Dr's is Patrick Troughton, who was the second doctor, and one of my favourite videos is Tomb of the Cyberman-in Black and white, as it is so old. (Actually in the video there is alot of snow, and the first time I watched it my Mum went out , when she came back she was covered in snow, it had snowing outside I hadn't even noticed, my Mum told me never to watch that snowy video while she was out again!!!)

4. When I sleep I often dream that I am at bead show's!!! Or I am back working nights again in the hospital!!!

5. My hair changes colour!! In the summer it's goes quiet blonde-natural highlights, people use to ask me if I had my hair dyed, when I said no, they said I was lying!!!

6. I could eat watermelon and ice cream morning, noon and night!!!!

Well I've done my best, and I shall be tagging soon!!!

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Beverley Abbott said...

well they all sound like brill facts!! I would love to hear some of your own words and I bet its dead funny hearing your husband say them!
love bev xxxxx