Thursday, 14 May 2009

What a Day!!!


Well I finally have it!! It cost 150 dollars from Scrapbook Express, plus they throw in 2 extra cd's for images, and a hook and scrapper. What a deal.
I had a lot of headache to get mine though, and I would like to say this was all due to one Turkisk Cargo company. I ended up having to pay an extra 256 dollars to get this!! Take out the customs charge-of course to be expected and I spent 210 dollars extra-I wouldn't have paid this if they item had been delivered to Fethiye. Unfortunately it got stuck several hours away, and we had to drive to get it, then the cargo company wanted 2 seperate payments on top of our petrol money. I couldn't believe it. We used all our money to get this, because we didnt want to leave it after all the driving etc we had done to collect. It is beautiful though, and I am thrilled to bits, but I think I need to make lots of cards to get some of the money back for my hubbie, I feel so guilty about it, and my stomach is in knots. I will take a photo of me and machine later, all working, as I havent used it yet, I was so tired last night, and hopefully some of the cards I have made using it. 150 dollars is such a bargin if you are thinking of one of these for yourself (plus Scrapbook Express have lots of other great things-and there customer service is second to none) and remember I only had major problem due to stupid Turkish Kargo company!!! Thanks for reading-back soon!

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