Friday, 21 September 2007

Ocean Jasper

Here I am again, and what an exciting day!!!! Nic, from the Uk beaders Forum came to Turkey for a holiday, in my home town, so we met up, and talked about life and beads!!! It was fab because I have no one to talk to beads with-I talk to hubbie, my 2year old daughter and my Mum and Dad, but they don't have a passion for beads, if you know what I mean. It was lovely to toss ideas two and fro. It would be so lovely to be part of an English group here, just to meet up, and share ideas about beading etc. Nicola also treated me to one of her Dichronic pendant necklaces, which is beautiful, and a nice petite size for me, I will show you a picture soon. I love it, and the gemstone beads she also gave me-what a treat.

I am waiting for another bead order and a couple of books to arrive, can't wait-one is about seed beading which I thought I might have ago at through the winter.

Here is my new Bracelet, named Natural Jasper made from Ocean Jasper Ovals, and lots of Swarovski crystal bicones in natural earthy colours. The Ocean Jasper just feels so shiney and silky in your hands, can't stop feeling it! Thanks for reading again, and hope to post some more new stuff soon, as I am busy making at the mo!

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Gemheaven said...

Beautiful! I've been playing with ocean jasper too how funny - must be the Cornish autum inspiring us - you from a far!!