Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Fairy Wishes!

Hello All! Time for another picture this is my newest piece, called Fairy Wishes. I am very pleased with this as it is the first time I have used

wire wrapping on headpins. I used glass flower beads, seed beads, Czech Crystal, Swarovski bicones, hearts, butterflies and pearls to complete this. I also added a little fairy charm too. The only question is to keep this or to sell it, I really love it and it took me ages to make, but in another way I would love to sell it too. I just can't decide, at the end of the day you can't keep everything you make for yourself can you!!!!

Weather is getting cooler now, which is making jewellery creating a lot easier!!! I have itching like mad though!! I got bit by a spider the other day and came up in a rash everywhere!!! Hubbie took me to the hospital for an injection, it went away really quickly but it is back again now, although not so bad!!!! What a thing!!!!

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Vintage Blue Studio said...

Sorry to hear you got bitten by a spider, that sounds terrible...and itchy! I think you should keep Fairy Wishes, it's to pretty to let go. Every once in awhile you should keep one for yourself. Now if you've been keeping the last few then you have to give this one up, lol!