Wednesday, 7 November 2007

More Beads and Christmas Sale!

Well, you've proberbly been wondering what this cornish maid has been up to lately, as always busy-busy, I hardly seem to stop in the day what so ever, and then in the evenings I'm on the computer and making bead or jewellery. I have some new polymer clay beads.

A focal called All in a whirl, a small pillow bead set named All mixed up,

and a purple and aqua set called Fantasy Twists. All of them can be found on my website for sale, go on have a look! I would also like to announce that I have done something crazy-there is a Christmas Sale on my website-to make christmas shopping a lot more easier and pleasant for you, some of my jewellery and beads have been reduced!

Just so you know Turkey has been cold and wet for the past few days, my washing is wet, and today I have felt cold-I don't like it, I hope it gets a little bit nicer soon, although I doubt it now, most of the tourists have gone home and it feels like winter! I am waiting for a lampworking kit to arrive soon!! Can't wait, I don't even know if I'i be able to make my own glass beads, but I'm ready to have a go-don't know until you try!

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