Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Pixie Earrings

I have been so busy lately, updating my website, and making a few changes, making polymer clay beads, and a little bit of jewellery too. I feel like I never stop, I'm always doing something!! These are my newest earrings. I called them Pixie, becuase they have been made my two cornish maids!! I got the beads from Tania Grey (, who is a lampwork designer from Cornwall, also I'm from Cornwall too!!! I really love these lampwork beads, lots of different colours to play with, and I've course I added my favourite Sworvski Crystals, I wire wrapped the bottom loops, and added sterling silver ear pieces.
I will show you some pictures of my latest polymer clay beads soon, but if you would like a sneeky peck they are on my website, and I have some more to sand and buff tonight, although I am feeling so tired, my hubbies cousins visited today with there young chidren and it has apsolutely exhausted me-more than shopping!!! Tomorrow I am going to spend a few hours wprking so my hubbie can go and watch football! We use to work together in the same shop, so if he would like to go and do something special I fill in for him-I am stand in manageress!!!

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mdmB said...

The colors of that beads are really interestin and inspiring! Pretty earrings!