Monday, 23 July 2007

Trying Hard!!

I seem to have gone completely blank lately, I am trying hard to join a blogroll, but don't seem to be getting anywhere!!! Have no idea where to start really!!! Lets hope my friends from the jewellery making forum let me into there little secret soon!!!

I haven't written anything for ages, but just been so busy to do this and that. Went to England with my daughter, and parents in May-and it just rained and rained!!!! It was nice though, my gran parents got to meet there great grand daughter for the first time, and I got to visit the new beads shops in Cornwall-what a treat, I even bought a copy of Bead magazine, and throughly enjoyed it becuase I have only ever been able to enjoy the pictures in the Turkish magazines!!!

I have made some more jewellery, one of which I called the Blue Lagoon, inspired by the Blue Lagoon in Ouldeniz. I am quite pleased with this.
My new venture is to start making my own polymer clay beads, I was thinking about making my own glass beads, but it just wouldn't be practical here in Turkey-I would have to buy everthing off the internet, and if I really got into it and could never afford to up grade to all the proper equipment and kilins. So I decided this would be the next best thing. I've bought some Fimo, got my pasta machine today, and now I am waiting for my book and other bits to arrive from England, the book should be anyday now, and I can't wait!!! Hope to show you all some new beads in the future.


Gemheaven said...

Ohh love your charm bracelet Tam!!

Have added you to my blog :)


Kebo Jewellery said...

Beautiful bracelet, the colour is stunning!

I visited Ouldeniz many years ago, I thought it was gorgeous!

Crafted Gems said...

thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog, i'm a mum to a 2 year old boy, he's lovely apart from the terrible 2's, lol